Sound Board for Gottlieb System 1
Replacement Sound Board for Gottlieb Premier Pinball Machines.

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System 1, Sound Board

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Sound Board for System 1 Pinball Machines:

Charlie's Angels, Cleopatra, Close Encounters,
Countdown, Dragon, Joker Poker, Pinball Pool,
Sinbad, Solar Ride.

Not all system 1 machines use this board, there were 2 versions, this is the early one, check the board you have or be sure you have the 9 Pin connector.

Is the sound on your machine a little off, weak, have static, or not working at all. This could be the problem. Old machines have old boards with bad capacitors, overheated resistors, worn out potentiometers (volume knobs), and often bad chips. This all NEW board solves those problems.

Direct replacement for old B-18555-1 sound board.

Note; on some machines the mechanical chimes were replaced by this board.

Design Information

The installation of the new sound board takes about 5 minutes.

New features and improvements:
All new capacitors, capacitors are known to degrade over time.
Nice large adjustable potentiometer for volume adjustment.
Includes new standoffs.
Components marked with values for future reference.

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