Control Board for Gottlieb System 3
Replacement A1 Control Board for Gottlieb Premier Pinball Machines.

Upgrade your machine now!

System 3 A1 Control Board
Status: Limited Availability
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Used in the following System 3 Gottlieb Pinball Machines:

Barb Wire, Bell Ringer, Bullseye, Cactus Jack's, Car Hop, Caribbean Cruise, Class of 1812, Cue Ball Wizard, Deadly Weapon, Frank Thomas' Big Hurt™, Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street, Gladiators, Hoops, Lights...Camera...Action!, Mario Andretti, Nudge-It, Operation: Thunder, Rescue 911, Shaq Attaq, Silver Slugger, Stargate, Street Fighter II, Strikes 'N Spares, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, Surf 'n Safari, Tee'd Off, Title Fight, Vegas, Waterworld, Wipe Out, World Challenge Soccer

Replaces original Part Numbers MA1423, MA1934, MA1360

Design Information

The installation of the new A1 control board takes about 10 minutes. DOES NOT include Game EEPROM, you must use to original one or get a new one. You must also reset game setting, and high scores will be reset.

New features and improvements:
No Battery or DS1210 chip!
Includes NVRAM, never loose your high scores again!
No solder jumpers, just move the header to set GPROM size.
Ground connection point, test points.
IC Sockets for easy repair and replacement of IC chips.
All new capacitors, capacitors are known to degrade over time.

Put a new heart into your machine so it runs for many more years!!!

All new components, not 30 years old! Today's components are higher quality and more reliable. These new boards will last a lot longer than old reconditioned, retested, removed from old machines, or new old stock boards.

Extra ground wire connection, the old Gottlieb boards did not have a very good ground scheme, we have added the additional ground that is needed to connect to chassis ground. This provides additional protection and stability.

Classic look and feel of the original design, but with an new style and reliability. Components have the same reference numbers as the original boards, so the old schematics can be used for troubleshooting. (just a few minor changes)

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