Instructions for updating the FPGA code on your
Ni-Wumpf System 80 CPU board (S/N <378).
(System 1 Ni-Wumpf CPU's do not need the update)
fpga code download here: sys80FPGA-R238A.bin
also available at
( Ni-Wumpf System 80 support page, latest code and manual, go to this page: )
You will need either a serial RS232 cable (9-D-Male to 9-D-Female) or a USB to RS232 (9-D-Male) cable. We have some available for purchase below or you can pick up one on eBay.
RS232 Serial Cable
Status: In Stock
USB to RS232 Cable
Status: In Stock
This update must be done before the installation of our New Displays. (Note: this update can be done without any displays in the machine, all control is done from your PC.)
Download the sys80FPGA-(xxx).bin code above to your computer.
Install the serial cable from your computer to the 9-Pin D-Sub connector on the Ni-Wumpf CPU board.   (If you are using one of the USB to 9-Pin cables that you got from us, be sure to install the driver HL-340.EXE from the CD to your computer, or click the link to download the file.)
Start a Hyper Terminal on your computer (under Programs>Accessories>Communication, on most Windows computers).
Type in a name for the new connection, "System80", click connect, then under pull down "connect using" and select the comm port for the serial or usb cable. (If using a USB cable you will need to install a driver for it and look in system properties for the comm port #).
Push "config" and set the following:  BPS-19200, Bits-8, Parity-None, Stop-1, Flow-Hardware, click OK, OK.
You should now be in the terminal mode. If you type "h", you will connect to the Ni-Wumpf CPU board, you will see the help menu. (Type "H" for the advanced menu)
Select "d", this will put the CPU in program download mode.
Now in the Hyper Terminal, select Transfer>Send File, select the BIN file and select protocol="1K-Xmodem". The file will take a few minutes to load.
Once the file download completes, select "p" to load the BIN file to the CPU.
Power down the machine, then power it back on. The code is now updated.
Install your New Display Kit.
NOTE: Please be aware that in rare cases, the update to the Ni-Wumpf board may not work, or may cause the Ni-Wumpf to lock up and not start. If this happens, you will need to send the board back to Ni-Wumpf, for a system update. This may only happen on the first batch of 100 or so boards that were produced by Ni-Wumpf, if you have a low serial number board that has never been updated, please be aware of this issue. I believe in most cases Ni-Wumpf will update the board for free. Please see their website for returns shipping address if needed.  
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