Replacement Driver Board for use in Gottlieb Pinball Machines.
This board is a replacement part for a Gottlieb System 80, 80A, 80B Driver Board used in a pinball machine.
These boards have all NEW components! This board is also know as a Master Driver Board, Solenoid Driver Board, or Lamp Driver Board. Remember, that used board on Ebay or a tested or reconditioned board you may find at a pinball sales web site is going to be 30+ years old, it's been used for many thousands of hours. It's life is almost up, or is going to be up shortly after you install it in your machine. Don't waste $50-$100 on a used board when you can get a BRAND NEW one! Buy a spare, so when that old board of yours goes bad, just pop in a NEW one!
Advantages of our NEW driver board
All new components, not 30 years old! Today's components are higher quality and more reliable. These new boards will last a lot longer than old reconditioned, retested, removed from old machines, or new old stock boards. 
NEW versions of the power transistors, we have used the latest transistors to eliminate the old out dated ones. Replacements will be much lower cost and easier to obtain in the future if needed.
Sockets for IC chips Z1 to Z13, if these chips go bad in the future, you can just pop in a new one, no de-soldering or reworking needed of the IC chips.
Extra ground wire connection, the old Gottlieb boards did not have a very good ground scheme, we have added the additional ground that is needed to connect to chassis ground. This provides additional protection and stability.
These new boards are compatible with the original Gottlieb CPU board or one of the newer Ni-Wumpf or Pascal PI-1 CPU boards.
Classis look and feel of the original design, but with an new style and reliability. Components have the same reference numbers as the original boards, so the old schematics can be used for troubleshooting. 
Does your board look like this? Reworked too many times, overheated, overworked, or just looks old and worn out!
Upgrade your machine now!
Currently Available for any System 80 or 80A or 80B Machine.
System 80, 80A, 80B
System 80 Machines:
Amazing Spiderman, Black Hole, Circus, Counterforce, Eclipse, Force II, Haunted House, James Bond 007, Mars God of War, Panthera, Pink Panther, Star Race, Time Line, Volcano
System 80A Machines:
Alien Star, Amazon Hunt, Cave Man, Devil's Dare, El Dorado City of Gold, Goin' Nuts, Ice Fever, Jacks to Open, Krull, Punk, Q'Berts Quest, Rack 'Em Up, Ready Aim Fire, Rocky, Royal Flush Deluxe, Spirit, Striker, Super Orbit, The Games, Touchdown
System 80B Machines:
Amazon Hunt II, Arena, Bad Girls, Big House, Bone Busters, Bounty Hunter, Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Diamond Lady, Excalibur, Genesis, Gold Wings, Hot Shots, Hollywood Heat, Monte Carlo, Raven, Robo-War, Rock, Rock Encore, Spring Break, Tag Team, TX Sector, Victory
Please note: Kit includes one System Driver 80 Board.
Design Information
This NEW Driver Board (a.k.a., Master Driver Board, Solenoid Driver Board, Lamp Driver Board) is designed to directly replace the existing Gottlieb Master Driver board. It will mount in the same location using the existing plastic standoffs, and all the connectors are the same. Some additional items to note are that all components,  transistors, resistors and IC chip reference designators (Q1, Q2, Z1, Z2, etc. ) are the same as the old board. (With the exception of a few new components.) Making identification easy.
Compatibility; This new driver board is compatible with the original Gottlieb Main Control Board, the Ni-Wumpf replacement CPU board. More information on these can be found at
Design features of the board included, improved layout, new state of the art Darlington transistors to replace those old obsolete, over priced transistors (MPS-U45's). Ground wire to correct ground reference problem with old driver board.
These boards have all NEW components! Remember, that used board on Ebay or a tested or reconditioned board you may find at a pinball sales web site is going to be 30+ years old, it's been used for many thousands of hours. It's life is almost up, or is going to be up shortly after you install it in your machine. Don't waste $50-$100 on a used board when you can get a BRAND NEW one! Electronic components do ware out, especially those transistor.  Have a spare on hand, or get one so that when your does go bad, you can install the NEW one and keep playing!!!
Troubleshooting Existing Boards
Our new driver board can correct problems ranging from dim lamps, not working lamps, not working chimes, or drop targets that won't reset. You can test some of these features with the self test mode on the CPU control board. See your manual for instructions on how to test the outputs of the driver board. If you find that some of your lamps still don't work even after you have replaced the lamp, the problem could be in the driver board. If your drop targets don't always reset, the problem could be a transistor on the driver board.
System 80 machines have been known to have problems with CPU boards that have leaky batteries that have caused corrosion to the cable between the CPU board and the driver board. You should check the pins on the connectors to see if any pins are broken, corroded or weak spring force. If you have replaced your CPU board with a new version because of battery corrosion, you should definitely check the connector pins.
IMPORTANT WARNING...never remove the connector at the displays or control boards or driver board without first turning the machine OFF.  You will probably damage the control board!
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Price: $119.00
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